Battle takes place when a navi encounters a hostile virus or navi. At the start of an encounter, Players roll a d20 and add their speed to determine Initiative. The Campaign Operator also does this for the enemies initiative. The Highest initiative goes first, and it continues down to the least.

Each round contains 3 turns. At the beginning of each round, players draw chips till they have 5. They then choose chips according to the following rules:

  • Chips of Same names can be chosen, regardless of Code. (I.E. Cannon A and Cannon B)
  • Chips of same Code can be chosen, regardless of name. (I.E. Area Steal S and Widesword S)
  • Asterisk (*) Code Chips can be chosen no matter what.

They can only use these chips once per battle, and they only last for the round that they were picked in. This means that players only have 3 turns with which to use their chips.

Each turn, players get actions equal to their speed divided by 2, rounded down, but it can not drop below 1, or go above 10. Moving, Using a Chip, and using your default weapon all take 1 turn. Talking is a free action. Players can move spaces equal to Their Speed divided by 2 rounded down, but no less than 2.

When attacking, a player rolls 1d20+Power (Or 1d20+AI if it is a ranged attack), and attempts to beat the enemy roll of 1d20+Speed. If successful, the player deals damage equal to the damage rating of the attack.


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