A Navi (Short for Navigator) is a electronic being with a personality stored inside your PET. Creation of a Navi involves 2 main things: Choosing an Element, and Choosing a Type.

Navi Elements

When Creating a Navi, one must choose an Element. Elements are Fire, Wood, Thunder, Water, and Neutral. Fire Types deal double damage to Wood, While wood deals doube Damage to Thunder, Thunder Beats Water, And Water beats Fire. Neutral has no Weakness, but does not have an advantage over anything either.

Special element Effects:

  • Fire: Burns enemy, dealing AIx5 damage (Rounded down to nearest multiple of 10)
  • Wood: Heal AIx5 on grass panels (Rounded down to Nearest Multiple of 10)
  • Thunder: Stuns enemy, removing 1/2 their next turn’s actions for the next round, and can be stacked to last for longer (i.E. 3 stuns=1/2 Actions for 3 rounds)
  • Water: Freeze enemie for next turn, reducing their actions to 0. Can not be stacked (I.E. You can’t use 2 freeze chips to freeze someone for 2 turns)
  • Neutral: Can spend a Full Turn action charging a Non-Element, Non-timestop Chips for double damage. If they are hit during this time, the charge is lost, but the chip remains, so it can be charged again next Turn.

Navi Types

After choosing an element, one must choose a Navi Type. Each type get’s a weak version of a specific chip, which it has access to at all times. This attack gains new abilities and increases in damage when it is customized. It can be charged for using a full round for double damage, but keeping the charge requires 1 action every round thereafter. After expending the charge, it will take another full round to charge it again. If the Navi takes damage while they have a charge, the charge is lost.


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