Skills and Experience

Skills are used to make checks on various things to see if you succeed. You roll 1d20 and add the Skills total to see if you beat the DC of the action that you are trying to do.

The Skills are as follows, with descriptions of what they encompass:

  • Balance (Spd):
  • Chipcraft (AI):
  • Climb (Pwr):
  • Concentration (AI):
  • Decipher (AI):
  • Disable Device (AI):
  • Disguise (AI):
  • Escape Artist (AI):
  • Handle Virus (Pwr):
  • Heal (AI):
  • Intimidate (Pwr):
  • Jump (Spd):
  • Perception (AI):
  • Perform (Spd):
  • Profession (AI):
  • Search (AI):
  • Sleight of Hand (Spd):
  • Stealth (Spd):
  • Tumble (Spd):

Skill ranks are improved using experience gained from battles. The amount of experience required to increase a Specialization is 5xLevel you are trying to increase to. Non-Specialized Skills are 10xLevel you are trying to get to.

Skills and Experience

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